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When building multi-residential units and townhouses, time and efficiency are of the essence. As a homeowner or property investor, you need to have a design and building partner that has experience in undertaking big and costly projects. With multi-residential units and townhouses, making sure that your budget is spent well and proper is the best practice.

CNG Building Services can help you build your townhouse or multi-residential unit
efficiently in NSW. We can also take care of the entire process – from start to finish –
and work and consult with surveyors, engineers, the local council, and other
stakeholders. That way, you save time, money and energy with having to coordinate
with multiple contacts. Our team at CNG will handle the legwork for you.

Smart design in townhouses and multi-residential units

Designing townhouses and multi-residential units can be quite tricky. We know that
there are going to be different types of people living in each house. However, we have
to somehow make it basic enough to fit the needs of those individuals, without making
the design being too clinical or generic.

To infuse creativity and personality to such spaces, the use of furniture items and other types of furnishings is critical. As your contractor, we will build a smart space that
meshes well with multiple types of furnishings and furniture. That is to make sure that when its owners or tenants eventually come in, they will still be able to personalise and
curate the feel of their house to a certain extent.

At CNG Building Services, we make a basic space work well with various furnishing
types and materials. Our goal is to help clients like you increase the value of and
advertise your property well on the housing market.

Multi-residential Units & Townhouses - CNG Building Services
Multi-residential Units & Townhouses - CNG Building Services

Maximising your budget and time

Townhouses and multi-residential properties can be substantial in cost. With such a
large investment, you will want to make sure that your money is spent efficiently and
maximised as much as possible.

The CNG team boasts experience in working on different types of multi-residential units
like townhouses. We have a general timeline that we apply to all our projects, and we
adjust it based on the client’s deadlines. We also have a checklist to make sure that
things are being done promptly. We also track the budget transparently to show clients like you where your money is going.

Once you hand over the project to us, we will make sure that we utilise your budget on
things that need more investment. Also, we will do our best to save whenever we can
on elements that might not require too big of a budget spend. Since we also have a
good and long-running relationship with our suppliers, we can get good discounts on
selected materials that we will need to build your multi-residential property.

Processing building permits and approvals for your multi-residential property

Just like other types of properties, multi-residential properties like townhouses will need
building permits and approvals from local councils. If you’re just starting out on building
such properties, you may have difficulty in securing these permits due to incomplete

Fortunately, CNG Building Services can assist you in processing the paperwork for your building permits and approvals. Since we’ve been doing this for years, we know the requirements by heart, and we have an idea on what local councils want in terms of design for local multi-residential properties. Just give us all the requirements, and we will do the legwork in processing the permits for you.

Multi-residential Units & Townhouses - CNG Building Services
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Build your multi-residential units and townhouses with CNG Building Services

CNG Building Services has been building multi-residential properties for years. We know the best practices when it comes to these types of properties.

If you want to create a townhouse that can host a comfortable atmosphere without overextending your budget, hiring experienced builders like us is the answer. Contact us today for more details regarding our services.