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Knockdowns / Rebuilds

If you have an existing property that you aren’t happy with, renovating could be on the cards – especially if the property is deteriorating and requires too much maintenance.

For that reason, completely knocking down a house and rebuilding a new one is becoming a viable option for many NSW residents and property investors. Not only will you be able to build a house you’ve always wanted from scratch, but you’ll also get to build on a plot of land you already own — solving the issue of limited lands in capital cities.

If you’re planning on undertaking knockdowns and rebuilds in New South Wales, one of the best companies to reach out to is CNG Building Service.

Knockdowns with CNG Building Service

Before we knock down your existing building, we need to assess the current condition of your property. We need to determine whether a knockdown/rebuild is preferable over simply refurbishing the space. Once we weigh everything up and conclude that refurbishing would cost you more in maintenance fees in the long run, then we will recommend that you knockdown your existing property and rebuild a new one from scratch.

CNG Building Service has experience in safely and securely knocking down properties in NSW suburbs. We try to be as sensitive to your neighbours needs through this process we see ourselves as an important conduit in that relationship. Of course, before the formal knockdown and rebuild, we will process the paperwork first to secure the permits for your new custom-designed home.

Knockdowns & Rebuilds - CNG Building Services
Knockdowns & Rebuilds - CNG Building Services

Rebuilding your home from scratch

Rebuilding is a good option, especially if you have a strategically placed plot of land located in a good area. With the shortage of land in the main cities, new homes in an already-established neighbourhoods are not that common anymore. By rebuilding your home, you can retain your land title and avoid relocating your family to a new property.

Here at CNG Building Service, we will work with you closely to transform a knockdown property into a personalised custom-designed home. We will consult you regarding the type of aesthetic and functions you need for your home, and we will develop a plan to actualise your request. We can guarantee that by the end of the project, you will be happy with the result of your new house— completely transformed compared to the property we initially knocked-down for you!

Knockdown and rebuild your property from scratch with CNG Building Service

If you want to completely change and rebuild your home, you need to consult with an experienced contractor like CNG Building Service. You can’t just knock down a house any time you want. You must make sure that it is more efficient to rebuild rather than refurnish. Finally, you must have a plan on the new building before you even start with knocking down the existing structure. 

Knockdowns and rebuilds can be costly and complicated. As your all-in-one contractor, we will maximise your budget so that you’ll really get your money’s worth. Additionally, we will finish your rebuild in the adequate time frame all while remaining within the scope of your budget. Regardless if you’re going to live in the property or sell it, you will get a higher estimate for its value compared to the pre-knockdown/rebuild.

If you are interested in learning more about our knockdown and rebuild projects, contact CNG Building Service today!

Knockdowns & Rebuilds - CNG Building Services