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When it comes to customising a home, our priority in the design process is your voice. Here at CNG Building Service, we believe that a great home is transformed to its ultimate level when you are part of that process.

It’s not just about having comfortable furnishings; it’s also about designing a home in line with your needs. At CNG Building Service, we balance function and aesthetics with your input and feedback. We plan, design, and build your property based on your requests and specifications.

Let’s collaborate and personalise your dream home.

With your input and feedback, we can create a custom-designed home which you will be proud to call your own. Let’s start our partnership now and make your property stand out. Contact CNG Building Service to find out more about the extent of our services.

Clients as the centre of our design

At CNG Building Service, we believe that builders should always prioritise the voice of their clients over any other considerations in design. Of course, that is not to say that we won’t recommend ideas or share input regarding the feasibility and soundness of our clients’ demands. We wouldn’t be doing our job correctly if we didn’t.

When making custom homes, every nook and cranny in a property should reflect the hobbies, interest and personality of the individual or family residing in a house. For example, the home of an artist is likely to be vastly different from that of a sportsman. When it comes to entertaining your guests, we want you to feel proud of your home. Your preferences are the centre of our design.

Custom Design Homes - CNG Building Services
Custom Design Homes - CNG Building Services

Promoting sustainability through our materials and processes

We live in a society which values sustainable practice. Sustainability is not just about using raw materials that are not harmful to the environment. It’s also about promoting safe and secure building processes and practices.

With us, you can rest assured that your home will be built with sustainability in mind — making your space a breath of fresh air to your environment.

Your home is not just a dwelling place; it is also an experience.

With that in mind, we want to curate a mood, flow, and ambience in how you take in your living space. Aside from functionality, your home is a work of art you should be proud to live in every day.

Experienced custom builders study the architecture, interiors, and master-plan of your property to create a dwelling which perfectly fits your needs. From the way the light enters your rooms to the amount of space your room projects, we want to ensure the creation of your home is an experience to remember.

Custom Design Homes - CNG Building Services